Office plant care subscription with a warranty

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When people buy plants to spruce up the office, it’s best to provide comprehensive plant care from day one. The First Floral offers subscription plant care services backed with a warranty!

Advantages of the warranty plant care subscription

Indoor flowers and plants in offices and other public places are exposed to many threats:

- ACs make the air cold and dry;

- visitors may touch flowers, pour coffee dregs in the soil, etc.;

- the staff may have no time to take proper care of indoor flowers;

- accidental use of harsh chemicals.

Subscription plant care services with a warranty solves these problems. Your flowers will be looked after and replaced in case of death. When your subscription starts, all potted flowers and ornamental greenery in your office are our responsibility!

What the warranty plan covers

1. Monitoring plants’ health

2. Maintaining humidity with soil moisture meters and watering

3. Dispensing nutrients, growth stimulants, etc.

4. Regular plant cleaning

5. Pruning, crown shaping, tying up climbing indoor plants

6. Soil change every three months and transplanting

7. Preventive spraying and disease treatment

8. Monthly delivery of plant care supplies

9. Free replacement of dead plants

The subscription services can be purchased without warranty (no free replacement). While the warranty plan is priced higher, it saves more in the end.

Ordering plant care subscription with a warranty

Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation assessment, based on which we’ll create a specific proposal. Our fixed-term service contract gives you total peace of mind, with our experts taking care of your plants. Once in three months, a manager evaluates their work.

Three reasons to order our warranty package

1. A team of pros with expert knowledge of plant care, such as of transplanting a flower to a new pot.

2. Free replacement of dead plants.

3. Plant care supplies and tools.

Call us for a free quote on a plant care warranty plan!