Repotting and nutrition of the indoor plants

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Now and then every houseplant requires repotting. The most common reason for this measure is the need for more space as a seedling grows into an adult plant or an adult plant outgrows the container. Repotting is also a good idea if a plant has been growing for a long while in the same soil, which has likely gotten depleted of nutrients.

Another practice that plants require more often is fertilization. Additional nutrients contained in plant food products promote plants' health and growth, help them resist diseases, and even improve their appearance.

Different varieties of plant food can be delivered to the plant in different ways, while correct repotting involves special preparation and follow-up care. The experts of the First Floral Company possess hands-on knowledge of these procedures, having done both countless times. They will come to your location with all necessary materials and give useful advice before leaving. For your convenience, the First Floral Company offers a choice of different payment methods.