Pruning and shape-cutting of indoor plants

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Pruning house plants is similar to haircutting for humans. However, not all plants need to be cut back and shaped. It’s important to groom your plant only when needed.

Reasons for pruning and indoor plants that require it

    1) to get rid of dead or infested branches;

    2) to stimulate new growth by removing the old;

    3) to shape-cut the plant so it looks nice.

Pruning is mostly required for large indoor plants. Some popular plants usually pruned are:

- indoor palm trees – perennial house trees that require regular back-cutting for a better look;

- fig trees – for healthy growth and better appearance of this plant, old branches should be cut off every once in a while. Fig tree pruning is done in spring or early summer. The plant’s crown can be cut to create nice shapes;

- indoor hibiscus – this plant’s crown grows wide, so some shoots need to be cut off.

House plant owners not always know how to shape-cut a plant. Hiring a pro may be their best bet.

Advantages of ordering your plants pruned professionally

    1. Expertly done pruning that will make your plant look better – a professional knows how to care for plants properly and has the required skills.

    2. Saving your time – no need to spend a weekend with shears.

The First Floral offers top-notch "plant hairdresser" service. Our experts can service just one plant or all decorative house flowers in a single visit.

Advantages of having your plants pruned by the First Floral company

- Trained botanists and phytopathologists, who know exactly the right way to prune plants.

 - Our specialists wear shoe covers and clean up afterward.

 - Our own tools and supplies.

 - Convenient payment options such as card and wire transfer.

House plant pruning or shape-cutting: pricing

The price depends on the plants’ size and quantity. The minimum visit fee is 800 UAH. For a free quote, please forward a photo of your plants via Viber to (050) 592-48-84.

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