Office plant care and maintenance

On-site specialist visit
Flowers in the office interior design improve working conditions. But not everyone knows how to take proper care of flowers in the office...
Office plant care subscription with a warranty
When people buy plants to spruce up the office, it’s best to provide comprehensive plant care from day one. The First Floral offers subscription plant care services...

Office flowers improve the air quality and bring natural notes to the space, so employees perform better and business partners become more open. Therefore proper care for office plants is doubly important. First Floral provides care for all varieties of indoor flowers and will gladly do the same for yours!

Reasons for ordering professional plant care

Having indoor plants for the office is a good idea. The question is, who will care for flowers in the office? People are busy, and plants suffer.

By calling in plant care professionals, you get:

1) everyone doing their job. An indoor fig tree requires regular cutting, but employees might not have the time to do that;

2) healthy flowers that look their best;

3) our specialists with extensive experience with indoor flowers caring for your plants;

4) no arguments over the plant care duty;

5) saving on replacements – your favorite citrus indoor plants or other flowers will stay healthy.

Our office plant care services

1. Finding out the best conditions for your plant varieties.

2. Custom-tailored program of caring for indoor plants in the office.

3. Watering, leaf cleaning, and soil loosening;

4. Disease and infestation treatment, preventive spraying.

5. Pruning and shape-cutting – especially useful for tall indoor plants.

6. Dispensing nutrients, growth stimulants, etc.

7. Soil replacement and transplanting.

Choose from three service options:

A) one-time visit – we’ll treat, prune, or transplant your flowers;

B) comprehensive care – a plant care program based on an on-site assessment;

C) subscription plan – full plant care over a specific period, with an optional warranty.

Advantages of working with the First Floral

- Our trained experts know how to take good care of indoor plants.

- We wear shoe covers and clean up afterwards.

- No hidden fees, only our own tools and supplies.

- Quality control by our supervisors.

- Convenient payment options.

Contact us to order indoor plant care in Kyiv!