Diagnostics and treatment of indoor plants

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Just like humans, green plants and flowers can suffer from illnesses and pests. The houseplants that are not regularly and properly watered and nourished, or those exposed to excessive moisture, dryness or temperature extremes - even though kept in the seemingly safe indoor conditions - are more likely to catch a disease or get infested with harmful insects. The best way to prevent plant diseases is to provide regular and proper plant care and healthy environment.

In any case, if you notice something wrong with your plant, the best course of action is to enlist the aid of a professional. We at the First Floral Company have highly trained and experienced plant doctors who are ready to respond to your house call (first visit free of charge!), arrive with a first aid kit that includes fresh soil, tools, and plant protection supplies, examine your plant on-site, identify the culprit, and come up with a treatment plan. For subsequent visits and other services, convenient payment options are available.