On-site specialist visit (plant disease treatment, consultation, one-time care, comprehensive plant care)

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Flowers in the office interior design improve working conditions. But not everyone knows how to take proper care of flowers in the office. If your plants look sick or need pruning, the First Floral company can help.

When to call a plant specialist

After buying flowers for your office, you will need advice on providing proper care for your flowers. Urgent care is required if:

- the plant looks dry;

- you see pests or mold;

- the roots don't fit in the pot;

- some branches are sticking out;

- the plant stops growing or wilts;

- you’ve never cared for plants before.

Why turning to a specialist is best

If the required plant care in the office is not provided, the plants may die. Don’t lose your favorite dracaena!

 Our experts’ help saves you:

- time spent on watering;

- energy to run around with jugs of water;

- money on buying replacement plants.

Call us and keep enjoying beautiful indoor flowers!

The First Floral service details

We will:

1) examine your plants, identify diseases, and treat them;

2) water your plants or set up an auto watering system;

3) take care of your plants’ nutrition;

4) suggest the best pots and do the transplanting if needed;

5) cut off old branches and create nice shapes;

6) give you instructions on caring for your plants.

Call or write us, and a plant care professional will come to your location for standard one-time maintenance (watering, treatment, pruning, transplanting) or a specific set of measures your plants require. The price is 800 UAH for the first one-time maintenance visit and 600 UAH for each repeat visit. Specific plant care price depends on the details.

Our advantages:

- our pros know exactly what your plants need;

- we wear shoe covers and clean afterwards;

- visible effect after the first visit thanks to using top-shelf products;

- convenient payment options, no hidden charges.

Contact us to schedule an on-site visit when you need it!