Comprehensive indoor plant care (transplanting, treatment, pruning)

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Ornamental indoor plants need good care, best provided by an expert who knows how to care properly for your plants. 

The First Floral offers a comprehensive plant care plan that includes everything your plant may require.

Comprehensive indoor plant care: what’s included
1. Diagnostics of your house plants‘ health, suitability of the pot and soil, etc.
2. Watering indoor plants done with the right amount of hydration.
3. Treatment of diseases.
4. Transplanting – if the roots don’t fit in the pot or different soil is required.
5. Nutrition supplements for every plant.
6. Pruning old growth to stimulate new one or create a nice shape.
7. Relocating to a spot with the right amount of light. Shade-loving indoor plants shouldn’t be put in the sun, etc.
The comprehensive plant care service is convenient and practical.

Advantages of the comprehensive plant care service
Good care is plant-specific. For example, bamboo won’t last long in direct sunlight.
Ordering comprehensive plant care service gives you peace of mind since you get:
- healthy plants in the house – we know what is best for your plant;
- more free time – you won’t have to spend it on watering, transplanting, or treating plants;
- your plants always looking their best – with proper care, the difference can be amazing.
Order the comprehensive care package so that each service included will cost less than if purchased apiece.

Three reasons to order the First Floral comprehensive plant care service
1. Your plants are cared for by trained, skilled pros.
2. The measures taken are based on your plants’ needs. For example, emerald palm requires diffused light, while a dragon tree thrives in direct sunlight.
3. Payment options and visits at your convenience.

Comprehensive plant care service: pricing
Prices depend on the number and condition of plants.

Basic plant care visit: 800 UAH.
Evaluation visit: free of charge.
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