Green plant services offices and home

While the positive effects of flowers and greenery on living and working space are indisputable and numerous, ranging from improved air quality to psychological and aesthetic benefits, plants as living beings require human attention and regular care. Additionally, different plants have different needs, including soil and nutrients, watering schedule, exposure to sunlight etc. With a wide variety of plants at home or office, even a dedicated amateur grower might sometimes find it difficult to keep up with all the requirements of day-to-day care, not to mention dealing with accidents and plant diseases.

This is where the First Floral Company’s expert plant caretakers come in. Professionally competent and experienced, they will provide comprehensive care, including:

  • watering your plants;
  • monitoring your plants' appearance and environment as well as the condition of the soil;
  • adding nutrients when necessary;
  • re-potting and pruning;
  • identifying and combating plant diseases and pests.